Sunday, March 4, 2012

The new bike

Finally after waiting close on a month my new frame arrived !!!  I was saving a bunch of new parts for the old bike till after the worst of winter.  Well once the frame was found cracked it was just a case of wait until the new frame arrived before fitting them.

 So I got the frame home and started the build at maybe 11am.  6pm or so I was done.  I don't think I'd make the quickest bike mechanic award of the year but hopefully make up for it with good workmanship. The hardest part was the cables and having to thread and unthread them through the frame to cut an outer was a pain.

I've been out for nearly 200Km on it today and enjoyed myself.  Not to much different from the old even though the frame is a model up on the old one.  Had to tweak the seat straight and the handlebars straight but everything else was good.

The old bike weighed about 9.4 KG and the new comes in at about 8KG.  Most of that's the wheels but the frameset and pedals dropped some as well.  The groupset made almost no difference between 105 and Ultegra.  It is smoother and the old 105 had 20,000 Km on it so was a wee bit worn, but I'm sure it will go on a donor bike somewhere in the future.

So Full Spec is

Specialized Roubaix SL3 in 54cm
Full Ultegra Triple groupset
Hope Hoops RS Mono wheelset
Look Keo Carbon pedals
Continental GP4 Season 25mm tyres
Specialized BG Romin Expert Saddle
Specialized Carbon seatpost
Specialized Alu handlebars
3T ARX Team -6 110mm stem

Hopefully this will be the last bike for a while.  Three in 18 months is a bit excessive.

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