Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well since my major ambition this year is only a few weeks ago it's only fair I show the bike that I will be riding.  It's just had it's major overhaul for the last few years and hopefully is now good to go.

The last parts arrived this week via Scotland.  The local shop wanted 100 Euros for a bolt kit so imported them from Scotland at a grand cost of £35 with shipping.  I spent all day Saturday putting her together again and fitting a few new parts
  • Serviced front and rear shocks
  • New chain and cassette
  • New wheels (as previously detailed)
  • New suspension bearings and bolt kit
  • New gear cables
  • New rear XTR mech
  • New XT Shifter pods
  • New handlebar grips
I got the front and rear shock push tuned a few years ago and got them refurbed again this time.  It always makes a huge difference.  The front is brilliant but the rear was a bit plush.  Great for downhill but sapping on XC courses.  I've got a new rear kaskima body and a small can fitted to my circa 2004 rear shock that should help.

The drive train was just tired.  The XTR mech I had was from 1999 and last time I replaced the jockey wheels I said I'd never do it again.  Again the shifters were just tired and would fail to work sometimes but always work on second push. The difference is great and shifting is now so slick.  Moved to KMC chains and finally dumped the last Shimano piece of junk chain I had.

So full Spec list is
  • 2004 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR in size M
  • 2004 Fox Talas 80-130mm Push tuned front shock
  • 2004 Fox RL Push tuned rear shock
  • Hope Pro 2 Evo Hoops with Crest rims
  • Various Maxxis tyres (tubeless)
  • RaceFace Evolve isis triple chainring
  • RaceFace Deus 90mm stem
  • RaceFace Deus low rise handlebars
  • RaceFace seatpost
  • RaceFace headset
  • RaceFace isis bottom bracket
  • 2004 Hope M4 Brakes 160/180 rear/front
  • Hope floating rotors
  • Hope seatpost collar
  • XT front mech
  • XTR Rear mech
  • XT shifters
  • XT Pedals
  • Fizik Gobi XM Saddle

Bike now weighs in around 11.7kg which isn't too bad for quite an old bike.

Only had a small test ride up and down the road quickly and hopefully big ride in the next few days.  Had the front tyre blow off the rim in that small ride and glad this happened now rather than during the race.  Something to sort in the coming days...

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