Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paradise and Fragile Carbon

So.  Another Saturday in paradise.  Awesome weather and seems to be the calm before the very cold weather that's expected.  Whats one to do.  Well I should really have ridden a bike but I've just had a hard week of riding and must have averaged 80km a day.  And that was cutting it short on the few days we had torrential rain.  The 30km riding against a furious headwind last Sunday at 16-18km was shattering and it's taken me all week to recover anyway.

So...It was bike cleaning day.  Replace a worn out rear tyre.  (well actually Mrs BobGFish did this to learn how to fix a puncture) and clean the drive train.  I tried to find the cause of why my front mech wasn't working very well and found a very curious thing.  A lovely crack in my shiny bike.  So the bikes about three months old and it's time for a new one. 

Well I guess it's not as bad as the last one I broke which was the fork steerer. 

Another trip to the bike store is due.  And since I've not had the best success with help from the local bike store it will mean a trip back to Mud Island for a new frame.  Lucky Mrs BobGFish already has a trip planned.

I'm still going to ride it tomorrow and see what my cycling buddies think tomorrow.

With the cold weather being fore casted at -15 degrees C it will be the last ride on the road bike this week.  Might have to borrow a turbo trainer from a buddy and give it a go.  As long as it's not to icy the MTB might be another option.

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